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July 29, 2011

9/11/11: The media and the quest for truth

Dr. Anthony J. Hall

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The Toronto Hearings to coincide with 9/11/11 promise to create an important record of what is known, what is not known, and what remains in the realm of speculation about what did or did not happen ten years ago.

Certainly a big part of the factual dossier to be addressed concerns the role of the mainstream media and many alternative venues as well in the job of covering-up, discrediting and diverting attention away from the citizens' investigation into the events used to justify the ongoing 9/11 Wars.

To expect honest and balanced media coverage of the Toronto Hearings seems naive at this point given the huge corruptions embedded at the highest levels.

The revelations surrounding the Murdoch media empire have implications that go far beyond "News of the World" and "Fox News" to describe a more pervasive situation.

In the words of Globe and Mail reporters Steve Ladurantaye and Grant Robertson, there is a "too-cozy relationship... that sees media, police, and politicians working together" in self-serving and often illegal fashions. The public interest and the public good are bulldozed aside in the process.” (Scrutineers under Scrutiny, 9 July, 2011, A4)

Going back at least to Project Mockingbird in the 1960s and 1970s, this collaboration between police agencies, politicians and other public officials continues to result in a media record of events that serves rather than confronts power. Certainly it is inconvenient to the interests of those at the highest levels of power that the whole operation of the national security state, the directing patron of the privatized terror economy, is based on an unsupported and unsupportable account of the events of 9/11.

The fact that the Toronto media establishment has treated Jonathan Kay, author of the hate-speech diatribe Among the Truthers, as one of its own is quite consistent with the ongoing decline of public discourse in a media establishment that regularly diverts attention away from awkward truths that might if brought to light impede the creeping imperatives of police-state opportunism.

Significantly Rupert's News Corporation is the parent company of the publisher of Kay's Among the Truthers, a text that seriously advances the argument that anyone questioning the official account of the events of 9/11 is plagued with a contagious form of mental illness. Interestingly Kay's other work is a co-written project presenting a hagiography of a Canadian Mossad agent.

Seen in this light the Murdoch press is far from alone in, as Jonathan Schell has written, "creating a sort of state unto itself by corrupting the police, assuming police powers of surveillance, and intimidating politicians into looking the other way." ("The Fall of the House of Murdoch," The Toronto Star, 12 July, 2011, A15)

Perhaps the input of Senator Gravel at the Toronto Hearings will help signal to the local, North American, European and global media that its representatives cannot be considered anything other than sycophants of a truth-distorting police state until they afford fair and balanced coverage of the citizen's investigation of 9/11.

Among the leading investigators whose findings must be addressed are Professors David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, Graeme MacQueen, John McMurtry together with whistle blower Kevin Ryan and veteran Toronto journalist Barrie Zwicker.

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