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July 9, 2024

Nine Months since Oct 7 ... and Palestine's Brutal 76-year Occupation continues

Dimitri Lascaris

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For immediate Release

July 8, 2024

When natural disasters strike, the world often responds with astonishing speed to rescue victims and alleviate their suffering.

But for more than nine months, Palestinians have suffered continually amid one of the most unnatural disasters in modern human history—Israel’s brutal 76-year occupation of their ancestral homeland.

They have suffered every day, in every way, since 1948.

And for how much longer?

Yet as Canadians gradually come to grips with the harsh reality of this tragedy and its millions of victims, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government keeps playing deaf instead of taking concrete steps to help end it.



Dimitri Lascaris

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On July 7, 2024 in Toronto, Canada, Dimitri Lascaris delivered a speech on the right to resist oppression.

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