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June 3, 2024

Ford's comments on Jewish girls’ school shooting a blatant display of ignorance and racism, say concerned Canadians

Dimitri Lascaris

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For Immediate Release

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has once again displayed both racism and ignorance in openly suggesting that last week’s damage to a North York (GTA) Jewish girls’ school by unknown assailants was the work of immigrant extremists.

His public comment that immigrants — meaning especially Palestinian, Arab and Muslim Canadians — were to blame for the incident “shows his true colours” said representatives of a multicultural coalition of concerned citizens.

“Such remarks also show his political ignorance, a wrong-headed assumption than bigotry will earn him more votes than he’ll lose in the next election,” the group’s statement added.

“Adding insult to this very intentional injury is the fact that neither Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, nor Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow, offered a single word of disapproval or condemnation. Their silence is deafening, egregious and wholly unacceptable.”


Dimitri Lascaris


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On July 7, 2024 in Toronto, Canada, Dimitri Lascaris delivered a speech on the right to resist oppression.

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