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January 10, 2013

The Moral Decoding of 9/11 – Part III of IV

John McMurtry

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Unravelling the Turning Point of the Third Millennium

The Supreme Moral Program behind the Life-Blind Mechanism of Full-Spectrum Rule

The ultimate moral absolute expressed by the 9/11 operation is an underlying meta program across U.S. wars. But 9/11 moved the level of strategic permission for U.S. invasions and aggression to a new level - including indiscriminate kidnap and torture of citizens across borders and non-stop rising murders by drones today.  It has also enlisted from U.S. unemployment the bravest and most desperate young people for a good life. By their actions to enforce the supreme morality through all these victims, the criminal and covert US state serves the private transnational money-sequence multiplication system.

Thus since 9/11, tens of thousands of innocent peoples across borders have been murdered, tortured, and caged in the name of ‘stopping the terrorists’. Police state methods have become normalized as ‘necessary to defend the Free World against terrorism’. Reverse projection is the moral constant of confusion. Erasure of fact and record is now selectively commonplace. Nothing takes place in the System without order of it.

This is anticipated. Air travellers across the world are therefore subjugated to confiscation of water to drink and airline search and seizure by order of it from the top. These may seem merely absurd system oppressions, but they subjugate individuals at the most basic level of their lives – clothes, water, shoes, personal privacy, and juridical identity.  All using air-travel are now subject to as this system’s law - with caging or shooting for defiance – the systematic strip-down required as reinforcement of the absurd U.S. official conspiracy doctrine of 9/11.

At the same time a stream of laws, regulations and acts under ever new names of defense and security deprive and reverse ancient constitutional rights back to the Magna Carta – essentially enabling presidential-directive assassination at will, worse than before the curb of kings, and everywhere applicable that cannot fight back. This is the great reversal 9/11 made normatively justifiable so that CEO prime can do as the most dominant transnational money sequences demand. People are now subject to death on suspicion of ‘terrorist activity’ without any due process – as the drone murders and application of the laws enabling them to U.S. citizens demonstrate.  Here as well every step has been made possible by and legally confirms the official conspiracy theory.

The real threats to global life security are greater than ever before - an ever greater majority without secure livelihoods, the disappearance of meaningful work and social life supports systems, and the cumulative poisoning and looting of the bases of planetary life itself. But all are diverted from by the manufactured wars and the ‘terrorist’ reverse projection to grow the system of dispossession wider and deeper. This is the real global terror system. Meanwhile the new designated ‘Enemy’ that bonds ‘the Free World’ is, in fact, assisted by it through covert funding, arms, and direct participation in its acts of terror ‘against our freedoms’ to sustain the multiple-payoff war games. All is permitted by the legal and illegal elaborations of criminal permission and secret presidential directives that have become written into the rogue U.S. state as the Leviathan of the U.S. corporate rich, the ‘fascism at home’ as Roosevelt called it.

The ultimate cover story of the supreme moral objective in ‘the new American century’ has been 9/11 in whose ‘catalyzing event’ all regime and system motives of self-aggrandisement dissolve. What else but such an event could have so armoured the sole beneficiaries of the ‘new world order’ against social fightback at the great stripping of nations’ and peoples’ life and life means across the world?  All the while in accord with the unexamined supreme value system, big bank and corporate money sequences override social and natural life support systems everywhere more than ever to record ever higher profits as everyone else is dispossessed in proportion to how little they have. 2008 redoubles and deepens the process of stripping life fabrics to grow money sequences behind the permanent war front that 9/11 has provided. Now greater tides of public funds pour out to the private bank system in the trillions across borders, ‘austerity programs’ pay back the banks for the bailouts of them and ever fewer rights to oppose are ensured by post-9/11 police state methods. The pre-2001 rising and unarmed global insurgency of the civil commons for peace, for social life security, for human rights, for real food, for protection of the environment, for everything that has been dispossessed by the supranational corporate rights system has been rolled over by the 9/11 turn. 

2001 was the turning point after unilateral transnational corporate rights over markets and resources were established as absolute over legislatures through the 1990’s with a rising tide of global opposition joining into all movements to protect and enable human and natural life against the eyeless transnational money-sequence juggernauts of immiserization. 9/11 was strategically ideal to stop the human tides of awakening and common action because it ruled out all political resistance to the supreme moral goal. But the dots are not joined back to the ultimate value program even by 9/11 unbelievers. Attention has become fixed, rather, on the foreground operations and contradictions with the official conspiracy doctrine – all crucial as anomaly detections, but not yet grounded in opposing moral systems.  What is required is logico-moral understanding of the institutional act of 9/11 as strategically rational from the regulating value system of global money-sequence rule. This is the ultimately ruling moral disorder, and it instrumentalizes and attacks human and natural life and life support systems to grow itself with no limit or regulation by life requirements. 9/11 embodies and exemplifies the supreme moral program in action to full spectrum control, consumption and profit by force of arms wherever it can. But its inner axiology evades recognition. Its agents no more examine or question it than the players of a kill-all video game. And its opponents have not penetrated its meta program or the principled life-ground to steer beyond it at the system level. 

The multiple motive for every step, the supreme value system driving every one, the strategic logic of fulfilment, and the 9/11 track-switch promoting all are perfectly consistent with each other. But their unifying meaning and progression across every moment of execution as a moral system in action has not been laid bare. Social taboo against recognising life-blind disorder in the surrounding system of rule is as old as human tribes and civilisations, but never so global and deep-structural as now.  While the Right never stops talking of ‘moral anchor’, ‘moral compass’, and ‘principled stands’, the ultimate value system at work is no more critically examined in its life-blind principles than the wars  it propels. Neither Left nor Right has cracked the life code and the money code at war which determines the fate of the planet one way or the other.40

Joining the Dots of Forensic History: Who Benefits from 9/11?

From day one of the 9/11 event, the question of cui bono - ‘who benefits?’ - has been nowhere posed in official Western culture. Even as insults rain on those repudiating the official conspiracy theory, they do not name it. The suspicion of an ‘inside job’ idea is now widespread outside the corporate media, but not even the Left poses the forensic questions nor recognises the official conspiracy theory as the essential cover-up of them. Nowhere have the defining questions been joined into unified meaning and value frame.  Who had the most compelling motives for the event? Who alone had the means? Who removed all the evidence from the crime scenes? Who put out continuous false reports? Who blocked all impartial inquiry? Who has solely benefitted since in private money-sequencing to limitlessly more?

This defining set of forensic questions remains effectively taboo to ask, and the crime is least of all connected back to the ruling value system now more supreme in power to repress questions of it. After 9/11 a presidency primarily funded and campaign-transported by Enron swindle money and ‘Kenny-Boy’ Lay as the ‘asset-light’ leader of the new energy futures market now running the world was the first meaning to disappear from sight. Another was Dick Cheney presiding over a closed energy policy-making committee deciding the laws, regulations and subsidies to govern the big-oil and utility oligarchy in total conflict of interest. Then there were major financial charges and lawsuits by government in action whose records were destroyed on 9/11.

But the most immediately compelling motive for the event was the fatal lack of legitimacy of the Bush. Jr. presidency itself. There was an unprecedentedly wide public contempt across borders for the unqualified president, his election by cancelled votes, the loaded Supreme Court blocking the votes from being counted, and  the tanking of the U.S. economy which had shown its first signs of permanent recession. This recession was led by the very policies of hollowing out aggregate demand that the Bush Jr. administration was pushing hard on  – ever more reduced taxes on the rich, slashed and defunded social programs, privatization of public pensions, and the erasure of labour rights as freedom – still going hard today. All the trends were downwards, all were led by the supreme moral goal of the money party, and peoples across borders were resisting as never before. How, I wondered before 9/11, can this rising tide of global resistance be contained?

In fact, it was reversed in under a day.  Bush Jr. went from disgrace to apotheosis. The ‘war president’ and his cabal were now suddenly astride the U.S. and the world with absolute powers. Before ‘9/11’, one could not see how the rising global peace, anti-corporate and environmental movements could be stopped with no plausible Enemy to anchor the ruling ideology and its policies of public dispossession. Even America’s corporate economy was increasingly unable to compete with societies not being bled by Wall Street and armaments-spending. All the while life support bases beneath were in slow-motion collapse towards the New Orleans mass destruction of the poor to come. 

Three weeks before the 9/11 event, an over one-million strong demonstration of people across Europe erupted in Genoa against the U.S.-led global corporate system in which NATO flew warplanes overhead and police attacked hundreds of people as they slept. The billion-dollar-a-day military-industrial complex and the national ideology of war needed a new Enemy to justify it as much as Bush Jr. and his cabal needed it to save them from illegitimacy and impotence. With their primary constituency as big oil, banks and military contractors, control of Middle East and Central Asia oilfields now unblocked with the end of the Soviet Union was essential to the PNAC plan. With its signatories baying for world empire ‘responsibilities’, the 9/11 explosions of the WTC buildings (the totem of the supranational New World Order planned and financed by David Rockefeller himself) coincidentally occurred as ‘an act of war on America’ by ‘those who hate our freedoms’. Every motive of the Bush Jr. regime, its oil-war-money constituency and its future was satisfied by the 9/11 action. As a thought experiment, try to conceive of any alternative that could have delivered on all at once. Every major private transnational oil, military, and bank constituency was served by the event. Even investors in the corporate media were given a steroid boost.41

How could one argue against this strategy for ‘recovery and extension of America’s vital U.S. interests’?  To create the binding crisis of self-defense in war was an already self-evident strategic necessity in the bipartisan spook world.  Indeed, perhaps the most remarkable fact of the 9/11 story is that Philip Zelikow, the President of the 9/11 Commission, was the administration strategist who first proposed the 9/11 scenario itself.

More specifically, Zelikow was the executive director of the Aspen Strategy Group whose members included Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rica, and Paul Wolfowitz. He had been in the National Security Council during the set-up war with Iraq in 1990-91. In 1998, he had the scenario worked out in the same year Brzezinski floated it in his book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. Let Zelikow speak for himself in 1998:

“Readers should imagine the possibilities for themselves, because the most serious constraint on current policy is lack of imagination. An act of catastrophic terrorism that killed thousands or tens of thousands of people and/or disrupted the necessities of life for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, would be a watershed event in America's history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented for peacetime and undermine Americans' fundamental sense of security within their own borders in a manner akin to the 1949 Soviet atomic bomb test, or perhaps even worse. Constitutional liberties would be challenged as the United States sought to protect itself from further attacks by pressing against allowable limits in surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects, and the use of deadly force. More violence would follow, either as other terrorists seek to imitate this great "success" or as the United States strikes out at those considered responsible. Like Pearl Harbor, such an event would divide our past and future into a "before" and "after." The effort and resources we devote to averting or containing this threat now, in the "before" period, will seem woeful, even pathetic, when compared to what will happen "after." Our leaders will be judged negligent for not addressing catastrophic terrorism more urgently.”42

The Necessary Crisis for America and System Erasure of the Facts and their Design

We might infer from Zelikow’s 1998 paper projecting a 9/11 scenario that the rising  Washington chatter about a coming plane attack on the WTC and unpursued suspects were part of the strategic plan for precisely the reasons Zelikow gives. “The effort and resources we devote to averting or containing this threat now, in the ‘before’ period”, he says, “will seem woeful, even pathetic, when compared to what will happen ‘after’”.  The before-period when nothing was done, and plainly seen not to be done, in fact occurred just as imagined. And it justified to the majority the after-period when the U.S. state merely proclaims ‘terrorists’ non-stop to justify a war rampage to get what all it wants in the Middle East and Central Asia.  Overriding basic human rights and civil liberties within and without the US the arbitrary mass arrests, serial kidnappings and torture, murders without stop – are the means and cover-up methods to ensure the supreme value goal and system into the future.

The heinous criminality on a mass scale seems immoral beyond conception - like the Nazi regime with which the U.S. covert state has had strong ties from the start. On the other hand, all of the plan makers from Rockefeller to Zelikow are only doing what they must for the binding supreme moral goal - U.S. supremacy to serve its ruling global money sequences as the ultimately meaning of ‘the Free World’. This is the underlying value driver across contending parties. Given the supreme moral goal, the maximizing strategic culture with no limit, and the acceptance of ‘noble lies’ to ensure ‘free capital accumulation’, what could one say to deter this moral logic of U.S. world rule? Any life-grounded morality would be ‘soft’ and ‘naive’ to the ruling mind-set which glories in ‘creative destruction’. At the same time, the Bush Jr. regime needed 9/11 as a steering event even more than its ‘constituency of the rich and the very rich’. 

All knew that something must bind the people as their former job and welfare security comes apart under ‘the New World Order’. The Soviet Union is gone, the whole oil-base region is in flux, another Enemy is required to hold America and the empire together – the last idea coming from the Nazi philosopher Carl Schmitt. The key is to understand the inner moral logic so all the U.S. covert state’s moves become clear within the underlying framework of moral meaning they express. Recognition begins with laying bare the value program behind every move before and after 9/11, and maintaining a stable understanding of physical laws to avoid being taken in by magic-thinking explanations. Magic thinking is endemic to the ruling world-view. It is not only required to believe that the transnational money sequence system necessarily produces the social optimum within ‘the global free market’ – the invisible-hand metaphysic of the market God.43  It is also required at the microcosm level to believe that jet fuel exploded fireproofed steel and cement buildings to mostly dust within 11 seconds. Magic illusions are the stock in trade of the system. They pervade the culture from miracle commodities transforming clothes, faces, status and sex appeal by their purchase to Arabs with box-cutters who reappear later alive but turn buildings into smithereens in the financial centre of the United States first.

Reason thus needs to begin with the self-evident logistics of material plausibility and coherence. At even the level of preparations and immediate effects, only insiders could have access control of all the stations required with ready-made justifications, police-state laws, and evidence destruction in place. If the Arab ‘hijackers’ alleged as guilty without forensic evidence were known guilty, how could they have been left free as covert assets for years except to provide red-herring scent paths. If a cover-up Arab conspiracy was already to go from before 1996 – ‘Project Bolinka’ for civilian aircraft hijacking and crashing into buildings, was already rehearsed by air defense and FEMA – to whom was the attack a surprise. If the blocks on full FBI investigation from the White House were so obstructive that its Director of Anti-Terrorism, John O’Neill, resigned in protest, can it be sheer trillion-to-one coincidence that he started his new position on 9/11 as Director of Security at the Trade Towers and was killed his first day on the job. If WTC Security shut down one week prior to 9/11, as required to wire the building for the types of explosive materials that can alone explain the instant demolition of huge fire-proof towers, can the event be disconnected from its material cause. If a principal of the firm responsible, Securacom, was Marvin T. Bush, the president’s younger brother, are not these linkages relevant to comprehending the line of material connections to the crime.44  Prior to theory, only magical thinking can explain belief in a long string of one startling coincidence after another as accidental when all are in accord with one design joining across them.

A high-level Bush Republican organiser in Chicago, lawyer David Philip Schippers telephoned me via Matthew Stanton to advise that try as he might to get the attention of his friend Attorney-General John Ashcroft about the buzz on a coming attack using ‘commercial airlines as bombs’, the calls were strangely unreturned by Ashcroft despite many tries over a month before 9/11. Ashcroft and top military officers were told not to fly that day. The coincidences multiply the more deeply one looks. The stand-by jets planes that would normally have intercepted the hijacked aircraft within minutes did not because, as we know, Cheney got control of the air-defence of NORAD six months before the event and fighter jets were playing scenario games far away instead. The claimed Boeing 757 jet hitting the Pentagon was not only another physical impossibility due to the ‘ground factor’, but disappeared into thin air with not even the motor left although it runs at 1800 degrees hot and cannot physically be incinerated. Unprecedented violation of U.S. crime-scene laws then occurred at the materials scene of the collapsed steel-backed WTC buildings with any remains of the metal meltdown and the fine dust of the vaporizing explosion quickly covered with mud, hosed and shipped overseas.

What part of the official conspiracy theory holds at even the level of the physical laws? It is difficult to find one step that does. Rather magical coincidences, transmutations and shell-games proliferate  the more carefully the now known facts are examined. In the wider purview of the event, what physically possible executive organisational agency could have been responsible for all the coordinated cover-up and false reports before and after effectively fulfilling one design?  All points to the only coherent through-line of 9/11 and this is what is not diagnosed even by critics - the ruling value program and its strategic enactment to which every stitch conforms.

Of course no crime evidence remains if it disappears into thin air, is removed, purely invented, killed, erased from the record, or smeared into non-credible witness. All here has occurred in the 9/11 construction. So known was the set-up coming by insiders that market futures betting on airlines beforehand occurred with an unprecedented imbalance of puts and calls. More magical coincidence. But we can’t find out the facts to tell because the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission has blocked all request for information. “This letter is in response to your request seeking access to and copies of the documentary evidence referred to in footnote 130 of Chapter 5 of the September 11 (9/11) Commission Report. We have been advised that the potentially responsive records have been destroyed”45.  There are many ways in which the 9/11 cover-up moves, and all seek to erase the steps of the crime and physical evidence of them.

Yet because the official conspiracy theory cannot explain how the inspected fire-proofed steel-frame WTC buildings built to withstand more than jet-fuel heat fell at almost free-fall speed and converted into millions of cubic yards of dust at the same time, people rise at the level of professional competence to question the ruling story – America’s remaining mind. Thus the 1,600 architectural and engineering professionals, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, observe that the official story cannot explain what are in effect violations of the laws of physics. Only a controlled demolition or its equivalent can explain the buildings exploding through the path of greatest resistance, the debris being symmetrically distributed, the rapid onset of the building’s falls, the explosions and flashes reported by witnesses, the steel elements expelled from the building at high speed, the pulverization of the concrete, the expanding pyroclastic clouds, the isolated explosions 20 to 40 stories below the wave of destruction, the molten steel and thermite traces found in recovered debris, and the lack of pancaked stories in the debris.46

The Grammar of Delusion, 9/11 Myth and Cooked Corporate Science

From start to finish, federal U.S. agency is stacked against any detection of historical background, character and moral raison d’être, strength of motives to commit the crime, capacity to execute the physical destruction unimpeded, subsequent vast payoffs to one party, and systematic removal and erasure of all evidence - all tending in one direction only.

That Kissinger was the first choice to lead the 9/11 Commission, a master of the art of the supreme crimes - crimes against peace, planning and waging wars of aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity – is all of a piece with the rest. That he was to be the chief investigator and judge of the 9/11 crime is almost as revealing as who got the position instead. The man appointed as the Director of the 9/11 Commission was the very man who had designed the 9/11 myth itself. Reverse projection of ‘conspiracy theory’ on all who did not believe it was the master psych-op still at work today warning everyone off asking questions. But still thinking people do even at the cost of media mobbing and ostracism by the mindless.

So the questions did not stop. Thus the official Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States was eventually put in motion to stop them 441 days after the attack. Observe the ‘Final’. Certainly the Final Report is dressed in all the official  costume of the Government of the United States, seals of approval and authoritative finality to impress readers. This has not worked on the still thinking like David Ray Griffin who has taken the official Final Report apart in books of analysis. But there is in principle only one logical trick that needs to be known to recognise its fallacious nature from start to finish. The Final Report frames the entire inquiry and causation of the event by presupposing the official story as true. That leaves lots of room for ‘omissions and distortions’, and Griffin has posted them in detail. But the fallacy of presupposing what is supposed to be proved is the meta disorder that is at work everywhere, and this a-priori derangement is not yet clear even to critics. 

More profoundly still, no-one apparently notices that the man who had designed the mythic rationale of 9-1l directed the 9/11 Commission itself. I never knew this f until I found Zelikow’s once Harvard-posted paper. It reveals the through line of meaning not seen, as reported in the prior pages of this analysis. Thus not only are physical laws violated by official doctrine at every step required to sustain the official story. Not only are the known laws of forensic, evidence and juridical investigation usurped and suspended throughout. But the very agent who imagined the scenario of the 9/11 official story myth is made the Executive Director of the Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States.  The mind reels at the supreme confidence in propagating a big lie about a big lie with the major imaginer of both in charge of the official truth.  It reveals the totalitarian nature of covert U.S. state rule and the corporate media and political control on which it can rely to turn black white underneath public and critic notice. 

Predictably, therefore, one meta operation must regulate all that is ‘reported’ in the official report. All facts and reasons conflicting with the official conspiracy theory must be and are erased from the official 9/11 Commission as an a-priori requirement of its story. The 9/11 truth movement and David Ray Griffin have caught most of the phenomena expressing this ruling principle built into the official theory, but not the inner logic determining it through its phases. That the person in control of the Commission for 9/11 truth is the very author of the 9/11 myth is the logical smoking gun not seen. Zelikow was the master strategist for how to divert U.S. citizens’ concern from the “detention of suspects and the use of deadly force”. He was the strategist behind why U.S. state response to the “threat” was so “pathetic” as to allow it to happen – the justification for the police-state legislation and the 9/11 Wars. And he directed the 9/11 Commission of the U.S. government itself to validate the myth as true.

In this way, the very main charge against the U.S. administration was exculpated a-priori from all the forensic questions which implicated it.  Such manipulation of assumptions for war based on myth is and was in fact Zelikow’s long specialty. He was a co-author of the notorious strategy of ‘pre-emptive war’ on the basis of such projections. His academic specialty is in his own words, “the construction and maintenance of public myths - - forming the public’s presumptions about its immediate past”.47  That the ‘9/11 Commission’ under Zelikow’s direction simply erases the issue of the physical impossibility of the fire-proofed buildings exploding into millions of cubic metres of dust and free-falling into their own footprints thus follows as essential to sustain the official myth. No official version of these facts can stand up to scrutiny, so the standard technique follows.  Eliminate the facts. The first step is to blinker them out from the Report altogether, and the second is to eliminate any evidence remaining in the possession of the Zelikow Commission. When request is then made to the Commission for the scientific documents pertaining to the building collapse, the Commission’s response is “the documents have been destroyed”.

To get a sense of the exactitude of the cover-up against all physical evidence, even that which has made its way into the official 9/11 inquiry, the response is meticulously total: “All input and results files of the ANSYS 16-story collapse initiation model with detailed connection models that were used to analyze the structural response to thermal loads, break element source code, ANSYS script files for the break elements, custom executable ANSYS file, and all Excel spreadsheets and other supporting calculations used to develop floor connection failure modes and capacities”.

 Erasure of records and evidence is the defining epistemological technique of the covert  state, and an annihilative propaganda machine goes into operation when this cannot be done - as in calling the Journal of 9/11 Studies names on an exactly  next-door website and sabotaging the Wikipedia entries of critics of the official conspiracy theory. The CIA has fulltime people doing this by its own admission. From war crimes and big lies to attack of reputations of critics, all serves the supreme moral goal of supranational sovereignty of the transnational private money-sequence system and its covert institutional agencies of strategic planning and action. This descriptive law is testable. It is the ultimate value logic of the system, and has manifold expressions across domains. There is no determinism by physical laws here. There are always alternatives that better so far as they enable rather than destroy human life and life bases.48

The ultimate problem is that the ruling money-sequence system has become increasingly totalitarian, and 9/11 has been a turning-point advance against all that stands in its way.

“What about the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) verifying the official account of the building collapses?’ the reader might ask.. Certainly a public scientific institution accountable to scientific method and open inspection of data and conclusions would better get to the truth of the matter than a 9/11 Commission run by a strategic planner of the covert U.S. state who proposed its very scenario three years before the event. Here above all, one would have hoped for publicly reliable science that once distinguished U.S. civilization. But in fact, NIST by its own description is a ‘federal technology agency that works with industry’ featuring collaboration in ‘bio-technology’. Knowing well the corporate-university partnerships in biotech which research only corporate commodity development as ‘innovative science’, the NIST set-up does not inspire scientific confidence. One method regulates all across fields of communication: to frame out any other result than the desired one while describing the process in exalted terms (e.g., ‘rigorous scientific standards’).

In this case, the framing-out principle built into the NIST investigation again followed the ruling pattern  to erase all relevant evidence in conflict with the official story. In fact this unrecognised principle of evidence repression governs all government and media accounts of the 9/11 crime. Nothing gets through which conflicts with the assumptions of the reigning story of reality. Indeed  there is a rule against recognising this rule as well as against recognising the rule itself . This syntax of thought repression and control is always at work in 9/11 thinking unless thought can break free from the underlying loop of repressive normalization – the essential liberation. No freedom of thought is more important. In the wider commercial and state media, the same system-serving loop is more deeply rooted in the same transnational private money sequence regime. Its supreme and supranational moral goal is the covert ruling subject of the System in all modes. Its underlying grammar of thought is to rule out anything that conflicts with assumption of it as ‘the Free World”.

While rarely spoken in deep-system terms, this totalizing regulator governs the ruling culture across domains as the ultimate economic/political/normative/speech/thought determiner of truth and value. As a normalized syntax regulates speakers without their awareness of it, so too  this regulator. It works because it operates at the level of unexamined ruling assumptions. Zelikow researches and hypothesizes at one level of its hold - ‘the construction and maintenance of public myths - - forming the public’s presumptions about its immediate past’. This is how he deduced by the ‘need of imagination’ the generic strategy of the 9/11 myth. But unlike philosophy and science, the structure of assumption is not critically exposed, but taken as a political given for manipulation. Freedom from it is not sought.

Yet materials science and technology in service to the system must perform at a different professional level. They must appear to be upholding the obligations of scientific method and not cooking conclusions in accordance with a predetermined story or value program. Cooked corporate science has become, however, the transnational norm, and it works by exactly ensuring that all test results but the profitable ones are kept secret as ‘proprietary information’. Not even public regulators get to see them. Since the National Institute of Standards and Technology is ‘partnered with industry’, it does not challenge the ruling value program any more than corporate researchers do. But how can NIST specifically explain the collapse of the fireproof WTC towers to get the results that support the official story and still remain scientific? This seems an impossible task until one recognises the ruling meta assumption across domains which frame out all inconsistent data a-priori.

The NIST follows in line by eliminating the time period within which all the physical phenomena conflicting with the ruling myth occur – namely, the time of the buildings exploding into dust and molten metal and collapsing at free-fall speed. Instead NIST attends solely and exclusively to the prior time of the planes hitting the buildings. If it does this, it appears to be ‘scientific’ while in fact it is the opposite by exclusion of the most relevant data.

Once again we see the underlying rule of repressive elimination at work. All that can conflict with the official story is erased – not merely by mass removal, seizure or destruction of evidence, but by blocking out the very time frame within which the explosions, projectiles outwards, sagging and collapse themselves occurred.  The conclusion (the planes did it) is thus already built into the first premise of the investigation (investigate the impact of the planes and not the falling buildings). Once again we discern the master pattern of lie and delusion.

Logically speaking, it is the ancient fallacy of petitio principii – assuming what is required to be proved in the pseudo proof of it. Here the vicious circle is dressed in technological-scientific uniform. Yet the false explanation deserves more detailed analysis because the technology of the 9/11 explosions has become so central to the 9/11 truth movement.49  In the NIST’s impressive methodological description of why it would cost $40 million to do the job, it includes (direct quote) “the expense of stockpiling the steel and other debris [the few bits retained by FEMA and volunteers]; examining the steel; physically testing the steel; partial parametric computer modeling of the steel, the fire, the plane and the blast; and the examination of egress issues”. For this highly profitable price (emphases added), “tools could be developed to address fire as a structural design load and to understand the behavior of structural connections under fire conditions.” As the italics show, the fire alone is already assumed as the cause of the buildings’ explosion and free-fall against all the evidence to the contrary. This evidence is ruled out a-priori by focus on the fire alone – an assumption that locks out all the relevant facts showing that fire alone cannot explain the buildings’ collapse in seconds, the severing of massive fireproof steel columns, the ejecting steel-girder pieces, the melted-down metal in and around the explosion, and conversion of fire-proof buildings into fuming remains and dust. In short, all the evidence contradicting the official story is erased by the NIST account by its starting frame of reference which blocks it all out a-priori.

In this way, the NIST too assumes the official story in investigating it, and remains locked within the same vicious circle as the 9/11 Commission - only this time by cooked science. Nothing is allowed in except the impact of the planes. No simulations of the collapses themselves are ever made, and every physical moment of the collapses after the planes hit is disappeared. With models and computer simulations cooked in this way, the NIST fixes against the evidence with the same trick of erasure as the 9/11 Commission at another level – from non-investigation to pseudo science. Thus the explanation that is alone consistent with the evidence – controlled demolition of some kind50  – and the evidence are eliminated in the NIST study. Predictably, no media report one step of the structure of delusion, the supreme interests in sustaining it, or the real science of explaining the suppressed facts. Thus the duped are led to believe that ‘Science supports the accepted account’.

We may witness here the collapse of logic and scientific method along with the collapse of the buildings. The ruling syntax of value and delusion demolishes reason at many levels. It did not end there. Once the real scientific community stared asking questions of the NIST report, led by the 1600-strong architect and engineering professionals, Architects and Scientists for 9/11 Truth, NIST  further blocked against disclosing any of the features of controlled demolition exhibited by the collapses. Then it altered its website findings to prevent direct access to the evidence. The final 2005 report on the WTC Towers then completed the cover-up. It changed the topic away from the WTC building collapses altogether to ‘improving building and occupant safety’ in ‘disaster prevention’.  If one did not follow all the steps, one would not believe the systemic  fraud driven in one direction at every level.

When logic and scientific method are themselves suspended by the U.S. National Institute of Technology and Standards, we may observe a derangement deeper than 9/11 itself – the collapse of U.S. scientific civilization at its official core. And it is, as demonstrated, for no interests in the end but the less than 1%. One cannot help but think of the medieval Church refusing to look through Galileo’s telescope before the scientific revolution had occurred.

The Invisible Value Program Behind All: Who is Responsible in the End?

On a wider system level, displacing responsibility onto victims is the defining reversal operation, and pseudo-science is the highest authority of public relations.

Throughout, institutional agency remains the ultimate anomaly of moral thought. The deciding  ‘institutional agency’ at work here consists of (1) the transnational money sequence system lying behind all that is happy-masked as ‘the global market’ and ‘the Free World’, and (2) the covert U.S. state and allies in enforcing and extending its rule as their pre-emptively organizing mission. These are the macro organising and coercive forms of the larger rule system which is responsible along with the planner and executive deciders of 9/11, the 9/11 Wars, the police-state laws, and the criminal U.S. state in motion. As with Nazism, the morally responsible are the builders and beneficiaries of the institutionalized criminal system and state and its executive agents which all could have chosen otherwise. They are guilty as in any crime to the extent of their deciding agency in life-destructive acts and evil to the extent of their profit or power from them.  

Yet moral philosophies themselves are locked into the roles and functions of this global system as in other domains. They blinker out a-priori all that is inconsistent with its surrounding rule by focusing on anything else but the life-destructive disorder of this rule. This is why you will not in any mainstream moral or even political philosophy any critical engagement with the organizing money-sequence principle itself. Direct censorship or terror, however, does not perform the silencing function in the developed West. Modern atomic-agency method does it beneath anyone’s notice. In modern ethics, economics, and law there are only individual agents of acts and their consequences – ‘agent-relative ethics’, ‘market consumer theory’, ‘investors’, and so on. Institutionalized moral agency is thus a terra nullius of second-order thought.

We have seen the consequences of this atomic-individual understanding of ruling systems. It blinkers them out of view in principle. It is because of these built-in blinkers that corporate and state institutions can represent the private interests of limitlessly self-maximizing money sequences and wars to advance them as the highest good with no-one able to define or even see the system evil. It is also why strategic plans to construct new crises and scenarios to advance this ‘supranational sovereignty’ on the ground with ‘noble lies’ and millions of victims can go on endlessly without recognition of the criminal disorder that has been constructed.

This is the utmost evil that occurs in the human condition, but is not yet drawn out. Many heroic thinkers have tried over 3000 years, and all have succeeded up to a point. Victims always include children and innocent people horribly dying or suffering in large numbers. The ruling group and self identity issues may ultimately be as Freud recognised ‘the narcissism of small differences’ in private passions and conceptions.  On the life-ground, however, they are about whether the greedy get more and the people less – the ever mutating form of evil in the world at the system level. The exceptions make human history.

Unhappily the proven nature of the covert U.S. state has ever increasingly been to serve the ruling transnational bank and corporate system as ‘America’s fundamental interests and freedom’. 9/11 has been the system’s track-switch turn to more and faster without limit of law, and all peoples within its imperium, including its own, grow poorer in life and life means. The covert U.S. system’s powers in particular become an effective reign of terror against all resistant societies and life to enforce and extend transnational money-sequence rule. 9/11 re-sets the parameters of rule to imprison, kidnap, kill and invade other countries at will where they cannot fight back. All the constituents of the 9/11 criminal action itself are there without the dots joined - supreme moral goal, ultimately compelling motives, sufficient means and logistic places required for the action, established character and behaviours to perpetrate it as maximally rational for U.S. interests, declared necessity for a crisis-initiating action to defend and advance lawless regime expansion, continuous public cover-up, lies and alibis to avoid detection of the meaning,  and most self-evident the unprecedented magnitude of payoffs at every level reversing prior disadvantageous positions.

At the level of institutional payoffs to the ruling transnational private money sequences of the U.S. as global system, the payoffs have not only been reaped, but have continued the dispossession of the world for money-party gains within and across borders. All of this can only occur if the underlying goal, motives, strategic methods, life costs and ruling value system joining across them are blocked from logical, economic, legal and moral examination. A methodological prison has been so built around 9/11 to repel rational examination that even the Left itself has become largely gagged on its meaning. This certainly abets the 9/11 myth and its consequences, and may be their necessary condition. But it is not enough to sustain them. There must also be strategic construction of the story to sell across the masses as public relations experts know. This is why we can observe the consistent drive to block, to mislead, to cover up, to destroy evidence, to falsify reports – already known tactics in the corporate public relations world to defend the saleability of harmful products. For the truth in this system is what sells.

Yet despite the ruling group-mind that has been constructed across Left and Right on 9/11, the truth still exists and the rational and scientific question still insists. What fact of 9/11 disconfirms any step of the diagnosis here?  I have long looked for one and asked others to join me on all sides, but none has found anything reliable to disconfirm the moral and causal analysis. Only diversion, rhetorical bombast and reverse projection contend against the evidence and design, but they remain rigorously consistent in meaning and value through every step. In fact, what showed the diagnosis as too severe would be welcome to me as to others. For example, one clearly disconfirming fact to the covert-state’s manufacture of 9/11 and the 9/11 Wars is would be an independent and impartial inquiry to investigate the full crime with subpoena powers, legal and evidential staffs and critical judicial investigation not wired into the covert-state system - as with the far lesser crime of Watergate. This is the primary test as well of whether the U.S. can recover civilised bearings. But of course nothing has been more blocked, abused and falsified than such independent inquiry into 9/11.

What is most disturbing to a sense of justice in examination of the facts, reasons and moral goals of 9/11 is that not one power of money or command has been evidently lost instead of gained for those who have benefitted from the crime. Lead Halliburton and Rockefeller interests, for example, are richer and fed more from the public purse far more than ever before. The morally incensed might respond: “But the U.S. as a nation has never recovered. Its economy has continued downhill, and it has become loathed across the world. The 9/11 culture of 1% grab with impunity has gone onto Wall Street-9/11 with America hollowed out and its youth without a future.” Yet none at the top of the transnational money-sequence-and war feeding cycle has evidently lost out. The criminal U.S. state and its ruling constituency of the corporate rich has only gained and gained spectacularly in their value terms.


40 This is the underling ultimate issue spelled out by the texts of Unequal Freedoms, Cancer Stage (1999 and 2013), and Value Wars referenced above, and by What is Good? What is Bad? The Value of All Values across Time, Place and Theories. Oxford: Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) Under the Auspices of UNESCO, 2004-2010.

41 At the time of the first Iraq invasion by the US armed forces, CBS was owned by Westinghouse and NBC by General Electric which made most of many weapons in the military commodities show on peak-hour TV.

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45 .

46 This account does not restrict itself to a nano-thermite method of explosion or ‘controlled demolition’ in the narrow technical sense. Planned demolition by advanced U.S. weaponry/technology of any kind is consistent with this analysis. See note 1. The ultimate point here is that the evidence overwhelmingly points to the fact the buildings were destroyed by covert U.S. state means whatever these were. 

47 This quotation from Zelikow is indebted to a review of Paul W. Rea PhD., “Mounting Evidence: Why We Need a New Investigation into 9/11”,

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49 The scientific investigation of the NIST report by architects and engineers for 9/11 inquiry is the best technical account available.

50 See Note 1.

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