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January 10, 2013

The Moral Decoding of 9/11 – Part IV of IV

John McMurtry

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Unravelling the Turning Point of the Third Millennium

Understanding the Criminal U.S. State and its Agents in Principle and Bearing

As long as demonstrable schemes of war, mass murder, terror, big lies, and dispossession of people’s livelihoods and means of life evade examination as an absolutist value program, the life-devouring system grows on undecoded.  Moral and intellectual superiority remains assumed so long as it succeeds - the pathological closed circle.  A clue was long ago given to me by Allen Bloom in the Closing of the American Mind, a work I then defined as Bloom’s ‘best-selling sycophancy to the rich’ with its coded argument that only the rich are entitled to a higher education.  This diagnosis was not answered and Bloom soon left this world. Yet the bluff of the ‘intellectual elite’ of this system is worth unpacking because the disorder depends on its high-born appearance to others. The neo-con ‘philosopher king’ of the criminal U.S. state, so-called by his disciples and the press, is Leo Strauss. Yet in fact Strauss is a German 1930’s U.S. import, sought post-doctoral candidature with the great Paul Tillich, but was rejected and saved by Rockefeller funds to come to America. (He also earlier tried to correspond with the Nazi theorist Carl Schmitt without success). Dick Cheney is lionized as a great if dark strategic mind, but in fact he failed out of Yale and was twice convicted as drunk driver.

The ‘classical philosophical foundations’ of the neo-conservative school are made much of, but there is no evidence that any of them today know anything about philosophy. Strauss taught political science in America as do his disciples, falsifying their claim to ‘philosophy’ as another cloak to hide their ambition and incoherent thinking. The ‘brilliant Chicago School’ led by Milton Friedman propounds the absurd doctrine that government spending creates inflation, while government in fact now creates only 3% of the money supply – the root of America’s economic sickness since the Friedman-led economic counter-revolution. In even more over-blown conceit, the Wall Street money sequencers are called the ‘masters of the universe’. But they in fact produce nothing, and now only bleed and ruin governments and individuals by perpetual servitude to their debt-servicing demands, manufacture fraudulent securities with impunity to metastasize around the world, lead endless mergers and takeovers for huge fees and profits from stripping them, and casino-bet on stock futures with no function but raising prices (e.g., on basic foods and water to come). Where does it end, the fatuous bluff masking the most globally life-destructive value program in history of which Wall Street, Big Oil and the military-industrial complex are the greatest beneficiaries as well as drivers.51

In this moral universe of the very rich and their academic suits, ‘noble lies’ are the pervasive method twisted out of Plato, and lording it over  the poor with no limit of take are the natural right of the masters and capital accumulation - decoded, private money sequences multiplying in transnational corporate aliases, stock vehicles and tax-evasion sites. Yet the pathogenic code does not come from nowhere. It follows from a deep axiomatic equation at the heart of the ruling thought system. It reigns across even the academy as the money-sequence paradigm beneath examination, and overrides all life and life needs as I have formally shown elsewhere.52  The ultimate equation behind it all is merely presupposed a-priori: Rationality = Self-Maximizing Choice. This equation is the underlying first premise of every U.S. economic textbook and corporate ledger, but it does not stop there. Moral and political philosophy themselves have adopted it as their gold standard of rational deduction. 

The way you go from rationality to market freedom and justice in this thought mechanism is by a single homogenous route of atomically self-maximizing calculation. In this ruling meta program substituting for life-coherent thinking, it is assumed, that self-maximizing preference necessarily produces by the market’s invisible hand’ the best possible world or ‘optimum’ for all. This meta-program is the moral DNA of market modernity. It becomes ever more twisted and life-blind – and dyseconomic – once the ruling turn is made in which ‘society does not exist’. 9/11 is the giant step of the third millennium to institute its rule as absolute. 

U.S.-led moral and justice theory, game theory, and economic and strategic systems of calculation are all locked into this ultimate axiom and sequencing of rational-moral-political-strategic choice prior to 9/11– self-maximizing preference in private money-value terms as automatic, absolute and unlimited. It is no more called into question within these dominant domains of thinking than the fish calls into question the sea. But on the dark side of the ultimate equation are the ruling private interests of the U.S. criminal state which are driven by a leap-frog inner logic to the supreme value program of which 9/11 is a mutant expression: 

Rationality = Self-Maximizing Choice = U.S. State Seeks to Rule in All Matters of U.S. Interests = U.S. Corporations and Executive State Maximize Control  of World Oil Supplies, Strategic Armed Force Positions, Land for Industrial Agriculture, Mass Media Projection, and Scientific and Political Assets = Plan Full Spectrum Dominance through Africa, Middle East and Asia = Freedom and the Good for the World.

No step of this run-on inner logic follows as life-coherent or even sane. Yet seek to find any exception to its through line value program in the behaviours of the post-9-11 U.S. state and you will find none. This is its moral DNA and includes the destruction of the lives of the rising majority of the American people as ‘unable to compete’. Not even a tax of .01% on currency speculators or 2% on the multiplied incomes of the rich is tolerated if the money-sequences can keep multiplying at the expense of fellow citizens’ lives and life bases. On the global level, the same innermost carcinogenic dynamic relentlessly erases the boundaries of evolved social and ecological life systems to control all that others have and depend on as ‘U.S. interests’ – that is, more exactly, as instrumental means to grow transnational corporate money-sequences in life-blind self multiplication. 9/11 was the strategically essential step to turn back the world-wide popular forces reacting against this reversal of democratic history and social life evolution..

As all institutions and vocations of countervailing thought and power become increasingly overwhelmed by the multiplying money tides, armed force, media monopoly and privatizing/de-taxing governments, ever larger majorities of people and their social and natural life support systems decline and collapse so long as they are dispossessed and kept down by armed force and bought elections at the same time. This underlying disorder is propelled every step by the ultimately regulating series of equations by which the world is increasingly bound after 9/11. Once the 9/11 explosions occur, not even constitutional guarantees for America’s citizens are secure. Ever diminishing life security and function progresses further for the 99%. Continuous serial murders and lawless assassinations by killer ‘drones’ – unacceptable before 9/11 – are now reported as ‘technical violations’ by the Western press. In a schoolhouse within the U.S. as I write, a ‘wicked smart’ 20-year-old shoots and kills 20 young children – one for every year – from a household terrified of the life insecurity to come. None seem to notice the connections. At the bottom ‘I kill therefore I am’ rules from video to real. ‘We kill therefore we rule’ rules at the system top. In the background, the supranational private money-sequences leave more and more young without lives or futures, and strip the planet of its life ground and support systems.53

After 9/11, the moral sanctification becomes cosmic with impunity. ‘Opponents envy us and hate our freedom’. ‘You are poor because you do not compete’. ‘The richer we are, the more we do for society’. The reigning value system is a devouring circle with no committed life function, and it moves by ideological validations that are not exposed. As the British are dispossessed of their social life supports by the City-led money-sequence system, for tell-tale example, the Guardian sports-page smirks that the greatest batsman in Britain exemplifies ‘greed is good’. Where does the moral rot end? Could it have kept advancing without the 9/11 turn towards world police state coincident with a monopoly corporate press and media to sell it?  Could the rootlessly rapacious money-sequence system have so metastasised across domains without all the public attention and funds diverted onto ‘war against terrorism’? People rise against it everywhere. But the more material opposition there is, the more attacks and police state regimes are justified to ‘stop the terrorists’, and the more the private money sequence system to monopoly is fed with public funds bled out of the people. 

But who is guilty if the U.S. criminal state is accountable to no moral or legal authority but itself, and the private money-sequence system itself is presupposed as laws of nature? Systematic violation of the most basic national and international criminal laws, even ‘the supreme crime’ of planning war invasion, now runs free with ever more payoffs to the ruling money party. (As Henry Ford famously said, ‘Show me who makes a profit from war, and I’ll show you how to stop the war’.) But no accountability to life standards exists at the transnational money-sequence level in war or peace – not even to humanity’s food and water carrying capacities which are increasingly adulterated, polluted and drawn down. All life and life bases are maximally converted into multiplying private money demand at the top as ‘market competition’. It may seem normatively chaotic, but the responsible agents are identifiable in principle. They always qualify as guilty in proportion to their private money profit from human and planetary life destruction to which their decisions and rules lead.

In the 9/11 crime itself, the intent, the plan, the means, the statements before, the compartmentalized enablements, directives and blocks, the exact execution down to the cover-up erasures, the rolling out of special forces and wars of plunder, the torture, kidnap, repression and murder over 10 years - - all point back to the same responsible agency and plan which no counter-evidence disconfirms.  But how are people to hold the responsible agents to account if even forensic questions are themselves taboo? How can this ‘supranational sovereignty’ of limitless private corporate money sequence invasion as ‘freedom’ and ‘right’ be arrested if its value program remains unexamined by even moral philosophers and scholars? If all relevant evidence of the 9/11 crime itself is removed, confiscated, refused, denied, destroyed, anathematized and framed out without connective understanding, the cover-up works.  The torture, killing, renditions, and greatest of all, “the supreme crime” under law that “contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole”, continue. After Afghanistan on pretext and after Iraq on exposed lie, the wars go into Libya, Syria, Somalia, Iran on false pretenses recycled again and again. Social and natural life systems meanwhile degrade everywhere including the U.S. and the E.U. to feed the global money-sequence program to self-multiplication.

Yet ruling principles of a system-specific rationality and supreme moral goal govern every moment.  The ruling transnational money-sequences have been all de-regulated and publicly subsidized in every possible way. The criminal U.S. state has all the ‘national security’ laws, secret presidential directives and post-9/11 police state legislation to validate every step to execution, including murder. These together form the direct institutional agency responsible for the endless crimes, including 9/11 by covert complex mechanism. The problem is that this institutional agency is legally covert while executive-director actions are armoured by offices and evasive lines of command so that even 9/11 could be planned and executed without anyone knowing it but an innermost figure/cabal habituated to all the channels of need-to-know communication, departmentalized division of tasks, and outsource connections to complete the technically advanced and bureaucratically complicated strategic plan. Here too the evidence points to who it could be, Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz, for example. But all this diagnosis here depends on are known facts and design. The ultimate issue here is the supreme value program which they express, and the covert state mechanism that enables known official lies, limitless sabotage, torture, kidnapping, murder and war-criminal campaigns by ruling executive decision as legal with no accountability to the rule of criminal  law at any level. In fact, no international obligation to comply with the criminal law is recognised by the U.S. state.

What 9/11 showed is that the covert state can be murderously lawless within the U.S. as well. Not only was there no criminal investigation of the act, method, and payoffs of the mass murder on U.S. soil. No principles of criminal forensic justice were allowed even to be raised. Even an aging philosopher from Canada was heaped with abuse from the American and Canadian corporate media and mobbing denunciations for dismissal for merely raising preliminary questions of law and factual anomalies inside a university auditorium. Meanwhile in comparison, from the tragic to the bathetic, private and consensual sexual behavior of anyone in power who opens the most self-evident issues inconvenient to U.S. state policies and the rich transnational money sequences they serve is soon pilloried out of office. The one who stands for the common life interests of the American people against the criminal state and its dominant special interests, however circumspectly, becomes a spectacle of public disgrace for sex-dalliances as the continuous murders, war crimes and fraud continue on unquestioned.54

This mutant money-sequence system is mindless in its principled grounds, and the cultural syntax of US-versus-the-Enemy is a comic-strip reduction to Good versus Evil, US-versus-Them. But the same time, more deeply, understanding of only individual agency (called ‘agent-relative method’) rules out institutional agency a-priori. Law, economics, moral philosophy see only atomic agents and their choices. Institutional agency is blinkered out in principle. Together these two structures of thought – mindless US-Them moral syntax and blind atomic method - blinker out the global reign of terror by the covert US state and the monopolist money interests it serves and expresses. Corporate media conglomerates – in which all major money-sequence participate as stock and advertising space owners – then manage the public presentation. The institutionalized criminal agency thus cannot be seen at any of its levels.

A concrete example assists understanding. ‘The anthrax attacks on the U.S.’ after the collapsed WTC buildings were immediately conceived and categorized as more ‘war on the U.S.’ by ‘foreign terrorists’. The anthrax attacks exactly coincided with the U.S. Senate refusal to pass the Patriot Act, legislation granting full police-state powers. The anthrax-letters came afterwards, and their notes were stereotypes of the U.S. propaganda machine – “Death To America. Death To Israel. Allah Is Great” in capital letters. To ensure it was from ‘the terrorists’, the opening letter said “You cannot stop us. We have the anthrax. You die now.” (five people did die). Are you afraid now?” (again in capital letters). Notable recipients of the anthrax letters were two Senate leaders, the editor of the New York Post, and the NBC news anchor. The Patriot Act was then passed with modifications.55

Six months later when citizens were assured of the ‘War on America’, it was discovered that the anthrax was from the government’s own biological weapons lab – a manufacture of illegal weaponry that was itself denied for years.56  This made no difference to the plan. Not only were the anti-terrorist legislation and permanent police-state measures thus legitimated, but all the markings of the criminal U.S. state were again there, covered up, and as usual blamed on a ‘lone nut’ as the major business proceeded - mass-murderous wars on oil-central countries without any mediating requirement of forensic inquiry or due process of finding guilt or questions of the U.S. war crimes under law. Only the instituted evil of the Enemy could exist.57  This is the mind-box within which America is held for the criminal U.S. state and the rapacious and rootless money sequences it serves to succeed. 

Citizen Action Required: To Expose and Shame the U.S. Criminal State

U.S. citizens do not vote for a criminal state.  It is reviled by thinking citizens and is the disgrace of their country around the world. It is in principle as odious as the earlier transnational monopolist corporate criminal conspiracy which financed and built the Nazi war machine. Its supreme objective and strategic logic are analogous in moral framing and organised terror, and wars of aggression to enact the supranational plan are its signature evil.

It could have gone another way.  In the midst of the worst fascist period, Roosevelt’s Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1936 on was Mariner Stoddard Eccles, a wealthy banker, who fought for the indebted majority against the “giant suction pump [which] had by 1929-30 drawn into a few hands an increasing portion of currently produced wealth”.58  Eccles was driven out by the American money party in 1951 though he had years more to serve. Roosevelt chose as his Vice President Henry Wallace as a condition of his accepting nomination. All three stood against “Wall Street fascism and U.S. corporate imperialism”.59  But as Roosevelt died Wallace was blocked from the presidency by the inside money-party powers of the Democrat machine just as Eccles was isolated and attacked by them.

In short, the inside battle for the United States goes very deep, and it is between the very rich corporate powers that both Lincoln and Eisenhower warned of and ‘the common man’ who Roosevelt, Wallace and Eccles stood for at the top. Today no such democratic vision and accountability is permitted in through the revolving doors of big-money control. Obama was sold as the brand for such a change, but he is the greatest serial murderer in contemporary history, and his entry into office is due to Wall Street support. I am the one standing between you and the pitchforks”, he said after 2008 to a Wall Street elite while presiding over a flood of over $16 trillion dollars of public money to enable it to keep hollowing out the world.60  What drove 9/11 before and after in principle and fact is this same corporate money party: or, more exactly and institutionally by objective criterion, the principals of private transnational money-sequence banks, corporations, syndicates and equity funds distinguished by (1) their repudiation in practice of all life standards, common-interest agencies and requirements which stand in the way of (2) their multiplying private money sequences through all life and life support systems on Earth.

The crisis of Western and world civilisation is laid bare in the undeclared war of life-versus-money codes of value.61 9/11 is its signature event in the third millennium. It enables new police-state rights at home and right to assassination and armed-force invasion abroad, while overriding life and life support systems into ever greater crises to feed and multiply the money-party system. Not one step in this slow-motion end-game does not protect and advance dominant private U.S. corporate money sequences to more control of the world to grow more. Yet there is one great barrier codified into the laws of nations which cannot be overridden if seen - the essential social immune system of human civilisation, the rule of life-protective criminal law. It is already codified in binding covenants among nations and is instituted within the U.S. itself as what governs all except the covert state.

It is this evolved criminal law that has been usurped and reversed most profoundly since 2001. Yet this criminalization of the U.S. state remains unflagged. As we have seen, all the primary forensic questions of criminal investigation of 9/11 have been repressed. Due process of establishing guilt has been overthrown. One U.S. crime after another has been perpetrated with impunity and with no public report of the gravest crimes. The ‘supreme crime’ under law of planning a war of aggression that ‘contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole’ is repeatedly committed and never prosecuted or even identified. The worst crimes against humanity under law are perpetrated without respite – murder, deprivation of access to food , water and medicine, forcible transfers of population, torture, persecution, false imprisonment, enforced disappearances, plunder of public property, wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages. These are all crimes against humanity under law. They are, to cite the Criminal Code of Canada and the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act “recognized by the community of nations, whether or not any constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.” 

The first requirement for stopping ‘international terrorism’, ‘crimes against humanity’, ‘extreme and systematic violations of human rights’ and all the acts of ‘despotism’ of which the U.S. is always accusing others – in particular ‘terrorist activities’ against which it above all claims to prevent and punish – is for the U.S. to comply with the known criminal law. Its satraps like Israel will have to follow. In the primary instance, U.S. offices, agents and institutions are required to comply with national and international criminal law as the sworn duty of office and of institutional legitimacy itself. Criminal activities of murder, torture, kidnapping, and the supreme crime of war invasion must be ruled out, as they are not now, and the U.S. and its criminal axis of mass terrorism and killing be named.  Not even the 9/11 truth movement yet does this as published criminal charge.62  In fact who does recognise the undeniable criminal agents and institutions now ruling? The ultimate moral, legal and political issue is almost nowhere raised. This is the more basic issue than independent investigation of the 9/11 crime inside the U.S. It is the recognition of the instituted criminal agency behind 9/11 which is still plotting supreme crimes of which 9/11 is the striking new homeland version.

Just as citizens of the criminal state of Nazi Germany have not been forgiven by excuses that ‘we did not know what was going on’, is there any more reason U.S. citizens be forgiven for the continuous war crimes and crimes against humanity by their government with which they have been silently complicit? The same question applies to citizens of allied governments that have participated in or – in Israel’s case – led the crimes. There is far more evidence of these crimes now than there was in the Third Reich. Silence is of course how the criminal state continues with moral and legal impunity. Once clear identification of the lead individuals and institutions as proven mass murderers and oppressors for power and gain, they lose their face and legitimacy. The worst tyrants on earth – who also drape themselves in flag and country - fear this exposure so much they seal the lips of their citizens by terror. Eventually they collapse as they are increasingly recognised as what they are – the vilest criminals, serial murderers, liars, torturers, looters of others’ lives and resources. Why is this invincible moral conclusion under law not publicly spoken? 

Independent inquiry into the major crime of the criminal U.S. state within the U.S. is self-evidently required. But it is not the incineration of the iconic Rockefeller-built towers and the business personnel inside them that is the crime of the whole. It is the war crimes and crimes against humanity that the covert criminal U.S. state went onto from there and continues with morally posturing impunity as it murders by rockets, special forces, covert criminal directions, arming and financing civil wars, and bombing invasions. In the past, one could say that the American people were at least prosperous. But now the transnational U.S. money-sequence system simultaneously hollows out its own citizens’ lives, the future of its youth and its social infrastructures too.

Can the reader think of any significant countervailing behaviour of the post-9/11 system? The only exception is where real democratic governments stand against the private transnational money-sequence system at state and popular levels – as in Norway to Brazil today. This stand against the cancerous system is defined by democratic self-organisation, reclamation of public and financial resources, massive public investment, higher taxes on the rich, and peaceful methods.63  Yet for over a decade Latin America’s peaceful revolution has been unnamed, ignored and attacked in the corporate media while the only movements on the ground that are publicized – the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement - have no policies at all. 

Meanwhile the covert U.S. state leads coup d’états against the dramatically successful economies which have exited the sick system - 2002 in Venezuela (failed), 2004 in Haiti before it could get untracked, 2009 in Honduras, 2010 in Ecuador (failed), and 2012 in Paraguay. Direct murder of heads of state is another method. Are the cancers of President Chavez of Venezuela and President Cristina Fernandez of Argentina by the same radiation-poisoning technology as Yasser Arafat murdered by polonium-210? Who is behind the foreign hit squad that tried to murder President Evo Morales of Bolivia in 2010?64  In short, the ruling transnational money-sequence system is not only supremely criminal in its covert-state operations, but attacks all public life bases and means that successfully overcome its disorder. 

Since 2001 in particular, the transnational money-sequence power stemming from Wall Street and its global corporate partners wages war against life systems in mutating ways of which 9/11 is a turning point in impunity and global totalization. Human rights have been overridden, social programs stripped, taxes on the rich reduced, financial  fraud multiplied, wars of aggression and bombings increased, public revenues turned over to the private banking system, and every life-system on the planet pushed into further destabilization and decline with no evident action but more ‘war against the terrorists’. Yet the entire system is financed by the public. Rising trillions go to its war machine enforcement and recapitalization of Wall Street to debt-enslave the poor and foreign societies while the homeland paying for it becomes increasingly impoverished in life bases and means. This is the unseen meaning of the 9/11 turn to all-fronts war to totalize the transnational money-sequence system beneath consciousness of it. 

But conscious it must become. British people have publicly named former P.M. Tony Blair a war criminal, and there is a price on his head for arrest from even the 9/11 denier journalist, George Monbiot. Kissinger dares not travel unless assured he will not be arrested as a war criminal. Conrad Black a major presence in the Bilderberg Group has gone to prison for far lesser crimes. In revealing microcosm of the invisible forces at work, I charged the PNAC organiser Thomas Donnelly with ‘advocating a war crime’ a few days before the bombing of Baghdad in 2003, and added, ‘you should be arrested at an airport’. That so upset him and the media managers presiding over the debate that the words were erased from the ‘live’ broadcast 30 minutes later. True naming goes deep, and cannot be borne by the criminal class and those who support them.  But the sweep since 9/11 has gone from Iraq and Afghanistan to Libya to Syria, three of them distinguished by developed social infrastructures for their peoples. Still the perpetual trumpeting of the necessity for invasion of Iran drumbeats on – who next? - and the value program driving every war crime and transnational money-sequence takeover remains undecoded.

The institutional evil of the U.S. covert state is rooted in ‘national security’ justifications as in the prototype Nazi case, and post 9/11 laws have resembled the Nazi Enabling Act after the Reichstag Fire of 1933 with revealing differences.65

Yet compliance with national and international criminal law is hardly too much to expect from agents and institutions of states forever demanding that others respect ‘the international community’, ‘norms of law’, and repudiation of ‘terrorism’. There are deep precedents for life beyond a criminal U.S. state. Roosevelt, Wallace and Eccles almost won against ‘the fascism within’ and achieved the New Deal. The independent Watergate investigation provides a sovereign democratic model to emulate. Even Philip Zelikow wrote a distinguished memorandum against torture. The long-established and now operational International Criminal Court provides the international laws and procedures already long evolved and applied to others.

Yet behind and sustaining the criminal U.S. state is the ruling assumption that the U.S. is above the law other nations must obey. This is why the U.S. refuses to ratify the International Criminal Court although deploying its rhetoric, legal investigations, procedures and judgements non-stop against others. It is also why not even the 9/11 truth movement calls for prosecution of the covert U.S. state under international law. Americans appear to assume that the U.S. state can commit its crimes outside the U.S. but not to its citizens within. The problem here goes very deep. The U.S. state not only subverts the law, but performatively declares it is not bound by it, and one hears few citizens object – with noble exceptions like Representatives Kucinich and McKinney since 9/11 (the latter hounded out of office). When a state effectively declare it is above the criminal law and its people go along, the lawless assumption undermines the very grounds of civilisation – the very grounds which the U.S. stood for in 1945 and the rule of human rights and criminal law which its president and people formerly led. One wonders whether the 9/11 attack sacrificing citizens to advance private U.S. corporate control of foreign treasure in blood oil, markets and banks was not the mutant incubus of a corrupt money-sequence culture that no longer recognises its moral ground.

The remedy begins with the rule of life-protective law that has been usurped, and can be restored as in any developed court of law.66  The 9/11 crime re-sets the transnational rule of terror into the Middle East and the U.S. itself. Unnamed, the criminal global state and its supranational sovereignty of private corporate money sequencing continue to cumulatively destroy societies and the planetary life-host with 9/11 as the twenty-first century’s launch-pad of entitlement.


51 But countless others are prospering as propagandists and norm enforcers.  For micro example again, Allen Bloom was an academy front man of the neo-con enterprise when, obviously enraged, he attacked a paper titled “Structures of Domination and Liberation” at a public symposium, charging it with falsehood, specifically a line from Plato’s The Republic of which he is the best-known American translator. He was famous in a three-piece suit, I was in a two-dollar shirt and untenured. It was meat-eating time for ‘the elite’, the room seemed to say. When I produced the more authoritative F.M. Cornford Oxford translation from which the line came, he pretended it, he and I were not there. The contested line ironically revealed the real issue. Plato revealingly referred to “hired labourers” as “hardly worth including in our society” (Republic, II, 371). The exchange was a kind of synecdoche of the posturing supremacism and lies of the ‘intellectual elite and bankers’ asserting ‘supranational sovereignty’ over fact and life with bullying falsification its epigenetic code.  

52 “Behind Global System Collapse: The Life-Blind Structure of Economic Rationality”, Journal of Business Ethics (2012), ibid. 

53 Cancer Stage spells out the system-wide disorder in depth in which 9/11 has provided the free movement for arms-led invasive metastases across former internal and external borders of life organization and defence at all levels.

54 Clinton and Lewinski’s extra-marital liaison only became news after Clinton said to international traders that ‘we must level up not down’, and Elliot Spitzer’s only did so after he went after Wall-Street driven financial fraud and loan sharking. The latest moral reversal occurred to David Petraeus after he warned the US Senate Armed Services Committee about the U.S.-Israel relationship. Petraeus defined the “root causes of instability” as follows: “Perceived U.S. favoritism for Israel. Arab anger over the Palestinian question limits the strength and depth of U.S. partnerships with governments and peoples in the AOR and weakens the legitimacy of moderate regimes in the Arab world”. “From the lips of a celebrated general, regarded by many as a potential future president, these words come as a bombshell” reports Paul Woodward on the occasion. “Others, who earlier said what Petraeus now says, have been - - branded as anti-Israeli or by insinuation, anti-Semitic.” But he adds confidently, “No such charge will stick to Petraeus”.

55  This source is useful for its concision and documentation of sources. It also reports that White House Staff were on powerful anti-biotic pills in the period.  

56 As I write, the U.S. government is accusing Syria of planning to use ‘chemical weapons against its own people’ with no evidence as Patriot missiles are shipped to launch against the government.

57 As Graeme MacQueen writes in correspondence on this point: “I have sometimes pointed out in talks that as long as the anthrax attacks were taken as carried out by external enemies, institutional agency (though I haven't called it that) was strongly affirmed. It was claimed, for example, to have been an act of the Iraqi state. As soon as it was shown that the anthrax came from highly secure military labs in the U.S. the FBI [as usual] started looking for a lone nut, ruling out from the outset a [home-side] institutional agent.” 

58 Sydney Hyman, Marriner S. Eccles: Private Entrepreneur and Public Servant. Palo Alto, CA: Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, 1976.

59 Academic historian Peter Kuznets explains this with Oliver Stone in their new book, The Untold History of the United States, discussed

60 “As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world,” reported Senator Bernie Sanders 21 Jul 2011. Before Senator Sanders demanded the information through Congressional right, the staggering outpour of public money to the private bank system – ten times more than what is called ‘a fiscal cliff’ when it involves a 2% tax on the rich in exchange for eliminating meagre benefits to the poor – was, as all great dispossessions by this ruling money-sequence system, covered up and remains unspoken in the corporate press.

61 The Global Market as an Ethical System, Cancer Stage, and Value Wars, ibid, spell out the value-system meaning in depth at theoretical, historical and policy levels.

62 As Chair of Jurists of the War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity Tribunal in 1989 at the Toronto World Summit, I observed that although there were tens of thousands of people in the streets for arrest of the charged criminals at the Summit with all charges legally drawn and attended and eyewitnesses from around the world testifying over days, not one media of record except francophone TV would report one word of the tribunal. The extent of the silencing, I found here and elsewhere, is in proportion to the exposure and de-legitimization of the criminal U.S. state. 

63 Exactly how this has been done is systematically explained in The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure, ibid. In general, exactly planned policies of productive life capital development based in democratic participation have led the peaceful revolution.

64 Meanwhile formerly social-democratic Canada discloses the non-murder method by a corporately funded and directed prime minister – essentially a branch-plant reflex owned by Big Oil Money who, inter alia,  commands erasure of  government statistics at every level, closes down environmental reviews and monitoring stations across domains,  winds down tax money for public healthcare the country’s civil identity, defunds all NGO’s not serving transnational corporations in the field, runs toxic sludge rated as dirty oil by the European Union in wide mouth supranational pipes without any developed society processing, overrides union rights at every turn while exporting jobs , gags MP’s from public statements while refusing questions from the press, overrides Parliamentary laws and rights to know, leads war propaganda and trebles claimed spending on war jets, and directs public pension funds to investments in arms for Israel’s criminal occupation of Palestinian lands. “Canada and U.S. values”, he publicly declares on the occasion of a visit by ‘war president’ Bush Jr., “are exactly the same”.

65 The Nazi Enabling Act permitted all the ‘anti-terrorist’ rights of arrest, detention, and overriding of law and due process as the Patriot Act and other legislation permitted the Bush Jr. administration, but fell short of claiming it an ‘act of war’ permitting war on other countries. In another parallel little noticed, September 11 was also the date of the coup d’état against the elected government of Chile in 1973 directed by Henry Kissinger and Milton Friedman and financially and militarily assisted by the U.S. to begin the long line of death-squad dictatorships across Latin America which were U.S.-supported throughout their reigns of terror. The 9/11 attack  is woven through with mass-murderous precedent, but is distinguished by three simultaneous features  from the U.S. past: (1) its direct assault on the U.S. and its justification of direct wars on other societies against  the defining criminal laws of the international community (not instituted while the Nazis ruled); (2) its justification for overriding the constitutional rights of American citizens themselves (not before formally instituted in the U.S.); and, driving all, (3) the maximum pay-off matrix to transnational U.S. money-sequences in new hundreds of billions of dollars to private military contractors,  new control over world premier oilfields worth more in long-term seized assets, new agricultural lands under U.S. transnational corporate control and forced GMO and oil-derivative inputs, and perhaps most overall by Wall Street extractions  from the vast new private money-sequences put in motion that its private banks and bankers profitably finance at every step across the world (largely new developments by corporately dictated transnational treaties). 

66 The criminals themselves can be democratically stopped most directly at the appointment level where open Congressional hearings on all national security advisers, members of relevant Senate committees, and candidates for President are directly asked under oath and penalty for perjury whether they would advocate or be complicit in capital crime under existing U.S. or international criminal law.  Such elementary screening against high crimes with disqualification powers for failure of assurance is as self-evident as an oath in court, and far more is at stake.  One result would be to restore the U.S. state to the legitimacy it has lost. Another would be to have a real moral ground for the Free World. Another, most of all, would be to allow the vast majority of the world seeking peace and justice to achieve what 9/11 has derailed for over a decade.

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