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March 17, 2010

Re: The Holocaust, old and new, March 03

Jalaluddin S. Hussain, Brossard, Quebec

While many of the right-thinking and fair-minded Jews, in Israel and the world over, have learned the bitter lesson from the German Holocaust, unfortunately some have not.  Hence the repeat of the new Holocaust; the Gaza Strip's 2008-2009 massacre, being the latest one.

It is high time that both the Jews and Palestinians shake hands and reconcile with each other.  If South African apartheid can end, the Berlin Wall can fall and the Russian Stalinism can breathe its last, so can Zionism be buried!

Let us all strive for the two sovereign States of Israel and Palestine, existing side by side, in accordance with the UN resolutions!

Jalaluddin S. Hussain, Brossard, Quebec


Your opening reference to Nazi Germany and by inference Israel's behaviour towards "Arabs" is simply nonsense, untrue, a historical lie. You fabricate a statement "Anti-Arab prejudice is widespread in Israel. Palestinians are seen as threatening, wanting to drive the Jews into the sea.  They are seen as bloodthirsty and primitive.  “Us or them”, as if you polled the population and spoke for them. Any proof of what you just quoted?

The region's airwaves are filled with vile hatred of Jews by Hamas, and Fatah, by Egyptian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Saudis clerics, and by Arab state media, as anyone can hear and see for themselves (Middle East Media Research Institute).

Constant hatred spewing out of Arab mouths, yet you will not find this hatred of "the other” promoted in Israel. Israel has an open and free press and open broadcast media, and an educated and critical readership. Is this self censorship? No. Jews don't define themselves by having to hate "the other".  Your statement reveals much more about your beliefs than it tries to attribute to Israelis.

Your understanding of prewar Germany is superficial.  Your implication again trying to tie this event in history to Israel has no parallel. None. You wish to label Israelis as the New Nazis, as perpetrators of a New Holocaust. Grotesque, magical, immature thinking.  What NEW Holocaust are you referring to?

You provide random events to try to make a case for this, and then discuss Israelis that do not agree with their government, and protest. That is called a democracy. The only country in the region and the only community where protesting citizens are not afraid for their lives to protest.

Your "journal" is obsessed with Israel and "Zionists", as if "they" were the single defining problem in the world. Israel's neighbouring lands are overwhelmed with problems, all dictatorships, none with any popular say.  Do you have no opinions about these primitive tribal dictatorships?  You are in Canada, able to criticize any or all of these regimes freely. Yet you do not. Only Israel.  Who or what do you fear?

Jay Wortsman


Half of Israeli Jews between 15 and 18 think that Arabs should not have equal rights, 56% believe that there should be no Arabs in the Knesset and 50% of the Jewish youngsters who defined themselves as religious said they believe the “Death to Arabs” slogan is legitimate.

That is what a poll taken of 536 teens found, as reported in the Jerusalem Post on March 11.

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