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September 15, 2010

Re: Protect your children from cell phone and WiFi radiation

Benita Schluschen

Thank you for your excellent article on Barrie Trower. I would like to add this for your information:

I am 55 years old and enjoyed good health, until neighbours started to introduce WIFI and cordless telephones in our area.

As of September of last year, I have suffered from Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS).  At first I did not know why I felt heat and pressure sensations in my head and on my face. 

This happened at home and in the vicinity of cell towers.  I now have the same feeling in stores, banks, offices, restaurants, etc.

I have become sensitive to all things that have emissions; this includes fluorescent and cfl lights!

My life has changed considerably and tasks that many take for granted, have become a major challenge for me.

I was tested and it was confirmed that I feel, what is considered low wireless emissions.  The unpleasant feelings disappear when I am in the mountains, forest and countryside, away from everything.

I can only tolerate sitting in front of a (hard wired) computer for a short time.  EMS, which is brought on by exposure to wireless emissions is completely life altering!

I am very grateful that Mr. Barrie Trower has the courage to speak out about wireless emissions.  I would have been skeptical a year ago, but now I know fully what he is talking about.

Exposing children to WIFI emissions 24/7 is pure insanity! 

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