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January 30, 2016

Re: Dr. Elmasry on ISIS

Michael Pengue

I concur with the below criticism by Dr. Elmasry on the CBC's failure to educate the Canadian public about the origins of ISIS and the criminality of our govt in supporting these extremists through NATO and her head-chopping allies through Saudi Arabia , Turkey and more.

Thanks to the mainstream media and the tax-payors' CBC, our public is not being educated as to why Canada and her NATO allies have been hell-bent in reversing the govts of Gaddafi's Libya and Syria's Assad while criminal regimes such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, other Arab monarchs and even Israel have been worse with their slaughter of millions.

NATO's interventions in Libya and Syria are nothing to do with democracy but have more to do with strangling countries who refuse to be subservient to western interests.

Where's the CBC's reporting on Saudi Arabia's destruction of Yemen back to the stone-age?

Where's the CBC revelations of those who are stealing Syria's oil? The arms sales? The banks which are laundering this money? The weapons companies whose stock prices have jumped with ISIS?? The Turkish journalists who are facing the possibility of life imprisonment for exposing Turkey's role in aiding and abetting ISIS????

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