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September 11, 2014

Nominating Harper for Nobel Peace Prize!

David Creighton

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To Mr. Sam Eskenasi, B'nai Brith Canada

When someone informed us you were considering nominating Stephen Harper for the Nobel Peace Prize, everyone laughed. There are few politicians on Earth who are less qualified for that honour.

If you are actually serious, not only do you mock the Nobel Prize, but you mock the majority of Canadians, who do not support Harper's extreme ideological viewpoints. Those of us with values and who think can hardly wait to be rid of him.

But before I go on, let me remind you of the excellent piece sent to you already by the distinguished Canadian, Jeremy Arney, who puts it all in a clear nutshell:

I would like to inform you that in my opinion you are even further denigrating the value of the Nobel Peace Prize. Ever since Obama was awarded the same prize, even though his administration has over 200 military posts around the globe; has an agency (CIA) which has over the years agitated, helped to overthrow governments and caused wars, rebellions, strife, murder of civilians and political opponents to the US at will, and created a climate of unrelenting terrorism in almost every country, this prize is very suspect.

That was a mockery of the prize and an obvious effort to curry favour with Obama.

Now you are claiming that Harper has shown “outstanding moral leadership”. !

Where have you been since 2006? Or even before when Harper became really angry that Canada was not going along with Bush’s fake search for weapons of mass destruction and the invasion of Iraq.

This is a man who has systematically destroyed the functioning of the Canadian Parliament; the only Prime Minister in the history of the Westminster style parliaments to have been found in contempt of Parliament, and to confirm his contempt walked out of the Chamber right after the vote and lied that it was the budget that had caused the contempt vote. 

This is a man who has ensnared Canada in investment deals he calls trade deals which circumvent the rule of law in favour of Corporate tribunal should any corporation feel they have lost profits; and has written Ministerial review panels into his bills to prevent any offenders from appealing to the courts of the land when they unwittingly break his regulations. 

This is a man whose party knowingly and deliberately violated the rules of Elections Canada in three elections, and has now made it very hard for a large portion of Canada to vote in 2015.

This is a man who claims international responsibilities and then shirks them shamelessly because we can’t afford them without taking from the poor, seniors, veterans, unemployed and the sick. He is actually doing this anyway. 

This is a man who spearheaded the attack on Libya and the death of its leader resulting in a broken disorganised country and who championed war crimes by Canadians  in that country.

This is a man who promised soo much for Haiti after the massive earthquake but actually stopped our search and rescue teams from going there to help find people in the rubble, and who pulled our military out, along with their equipment, as soon as they had repaired the jails.

This is a man who has obstructed any climate change or pollution control efforts anywhere in the world.

This man appears to hate Canada and Canadians and has boasted that he will make the country unrecognisable by the time he is done.

This is a man who thinks slaughtering Palestinian civilians in Gaza is absolutely perfect as it is being done by the State of Israel, from whom he seems to get a lot of his instructions it would appear, and yet the problem in the Ukraine is entirely the fault of the Russians against whom he seems to want to send our pitiful military.

In short this man has made a mockery of Canada and Canadians, the UN and the Security Council of that body, and has lowered Canada’s esteem in the eyes of every other country in the world, no doubt including yours  - Israel – because he is such a mean, spiteful, hate filled man, and you want to do what?

Please give your head a shake, return the money you were paid for doing this and withdraw such a ludicrous idea.

Jeremy Arney

Interim Leader of the Canadian Action Party

#6, 2931 Craigowan Rd

Victoria BC

V9B 1N1


Please reconsider this folly Mr Eskenasi, for it will only serve to isolate you and your organization even more than it already is.

Thank you

David Creighton


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