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  • Alt text goes here The Prophet and ISIS

    British journalist Yvonne Ridley is currently writing a book about Prophet Muhammad. Recently she asked if I would write about how I felt the Prophet might respond to ISIS - an issue she plans to address in her forthcoming book. I was glad to do so and am delighted that Ms. Yvonne likes my piece; I hope you do too.

  • Alt text goes here Our digital footprints can never be private

    If I told you 100 years ago that everyone, everywhere, would have a digital footprint, where all that we did, said, or wrote, every place we went, everyone we knew - in short, our life histories from birth to death, and beyond - could be recorded permanently using a handful of sand, you'd have dismissed me as crazy.

  • Alt text goes here My daughter survived Hurricane Irma, but the Caribbean civilization has not been as fortunate

    "You cannot really conceive of how insulting it is to Native Americans to be told they were 'discovered'," said Prof. Ivan Van Sertima testifying on July 7, 1987 before a U.S. Congressional Committee in opposition to recognizing the 500th anniversary of Columbus's "discovery" of the Americas.

  • Alt text goes here Media Release - Canadian Muslim’s Manchester and London Solidarity Messages Ignored by UK High Commission

    (Waterloo, ON, Canada) - Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, a prominent author, scholar and leader in Canada's Muslim community, sent a letter of condolence and anti-terrorism recommendations to Britain's High Commissioner to Canada in Ottawa, following the Manchester concert attack on May 22 and again, following Saturday's multiple terror attacks in London.

  • Alt text goes here "The Occupation of the American Mind" by Zionists

    It is not just the West Bank and Gaza that are occupied by Israel. The occupation is felt as well in North America. That is the thesis of the documentary "The Occupation of the American Mind." After the film was shown at Ottawa's First Unitarian Congregation, Diana Ralph, a leading figure in Jewish Independent Voices, commented that the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs plays a role in Canada similar to that of AIPAC in the United States.