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May 19, 2010

Re: McGuinty wants to teach children about sex

Mrs. Anela Jadunandan, Pickering, Ontario.

I am glad that the government listened to faith based organizations (including Christians and Muslims) and removed it from the curriculum. I think it went too far too soon! 

Even though the McGuinty government has removed the controversial topic of new sex education in schools for now, the mere fact that we’re talking about it means that there is now greater awareness regarding the importance of parents’ role in their child’s sexual education. Mission accomplished?

Let’s face it, when we were growing up our parents hardly taught us about puberty, sex and related diseases.  We had to learn it from friends, books and other sources.  It did not make us dumb or backward people. Granted, today’s children are indulging in greater sexual activity at younger ages. That makes it more important for the role of parents.

What can we Muslim parents learn from what just took place? Two things:

1) We live in a vastly different society compared to where most of us grew up and children have more stimulating ways of learning about sex from the internet, television, peers, etc. Therefore, there should be classes for parents to learn how to teach their children about sex.

2) Pay attention to what is taking place in our child’s school. Many Muslim parents don’t participate in school community councils or read ministry news on the website.  Only when something severe takes place (e.g., the new sex education curriculum) then most people get shocked and react.

I say yes, we do need to update the curriculum and teach our children more about sex education, but in a measured, balanced and responsible way, at a more mature age than what was proposed.

Please keep up the good work the Canadian Charger and I wish God’s blessings for a bright future.

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