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March 3, 2010

Re: Women in the Bible and Qur'an

Yousef Rabia, Toronto

I would like to comment on three points that were not made clear in the debate between Christian scholar Mary Jo Sharp and Muslim scholar Dr. Tabasum Hussain.

First, the Prophet Mohammed never said that women go to hell because of the sin of Eve or because of their menses. As Dr. Hussain mentioned, Adam, not Eve, was given the major blame for eating the forbidden fruit.

Second, Ms. Sharp is wrong to claim that there are fewer women in heaven than men. A man or woman will be judged equally.

Third, when God tells men how to treat women with mercy, the Qur’an doesn’t make men superior, but unfortunately some Muslim men, like some men in other religions are abusers.

The real problem is that Muslims are rarely allowed to express their beliefs and thoughts directly. They ending up having them expressed through third parties that are often not honest.

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