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May 23, 2014

Re: Why Egypt Deserves Canadian Help

Jalaluddin S. Hussain, Brossard, Quebec

I may not fully agree with his views regarding Muslim Brotherhood (MB) of Egypt, but still agree with him that Canada has much to offer Egypt on the economic,social and educational fronts.  It is true that Canada's help "would be more genuine and mutually beneficial than aid from any other international source."  I truly feel that the help from countries like the USA, the UK and the Russian Federation, is generally with political strings attached. 

Without doubt, because of our robust and stable economy, we are in an enviable position to help Egypt in the economic, social, health, educational and tourism fields. 

Dr. Elmasry is in fact talking  on the basis of his own Canadian academic experience  when he suggests that the "Canadian state-supported universities can expand their current partnership with Egyptian academic and polytechnic institutions, both public and private".

It is sincerely hoped that the May 26, 2014, election will be free and fair and result in the coming to power of a progressive and liberal political (not military) president and also a democratic government, which will ensure justice and fair play, for all the Egyptians.

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