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January 21, 2010

Re: Sneaky Steve, a danger to democracy

Abdul Mousa, Ph.D.

There is an obvious solution which should have been implemented when Harper committed his first proroguing OFFENCE: the three parties in opposition should introduce a bill that prohibits any MINORITY government from proroguing parliament without first getting the consent of Parliament.

With the Liberals, NDP and PQ collectively holding the majority, they should have been able to force passage of this bill.

I think also the above three opposition parties should also pass a motion reprimanding the Governor General for acceding to Harper's proroguing demands without consulting with the leaders of the other three parties.  Her Majesty's representative appears to be interested in extending her term in office.

The Canadian Charger should take the lead in promoting these Ideas considering that opposition leaders appear to be acting helpless in responding to Harper. 

You should also encourage them to draft the above bill and motion in advance, and make their introduction the first order of business when Parliament resumes.  This way, the helpless people of this democratic country would gain some control over Harper's dictatorship.

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