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June 16, 2010

Re: Jonathan Kay's mendacious propaganda: Is this the only "argument" the anti-truthers have?

J. Constable

Good piece.

The answer to your question, "So why are the rules different for things Islamic?" is simply that the element of anti-Semitism, from the beginning, was intentionally, and specifically designed, created, and branded by the pre/pro-Israel organized Zionist Jewish lobby alone, to purposely, and permanently serve, and stand as a residual fall-back propaganda.

There are many reasons as to why this was established, some having been served, some served as we speak, and more yet to be served.

Anti-Semitism, as I have stated is a Brand, the same as Tide, and it has been sold across the Christian world through every medium unendingly to maintain levels of psychological empathy, and blind faith.

This single brand of propaganda created from the organized Zionist Jewish (read Ashkenazi) lobby against everyday Jew is now wielded against Christianity worldwide.


J. Constable

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