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October 18, 2009

Re: David Caplan, Ontario dollars down the drain

Janet Desroches, Ottawa

So good to know The Canadian Charger is investigating, and paying attention to answers given by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Another boondoggle is the wait list initiative.

The government seems to have spent megabucks. They would have had to spend more; but they passed a lot of the work of this initiative onto doctors, who have had to train staff, and pay them for yet another exercise, which is only window dressing.

Are patients being operated on more quickly? Maybe they would be if hospitals didn't close during holiday times, such as Christmas holidays, spring break, July for two weeks and, every once in a while, things called corporate closures, which may mean the staff at the hospital is taking the day off at our expense; and doctors can see people in their offices if they want to, but can't operate, nor run clinics in the hospital.

Cataracts, and knee or hip operations are perhaps done more quickly; but all others have to wait longer.

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