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October 28, 2009

Re: Climate change

Frances Robinson, Edmonton

I was very disappointed to see that The Canadian Charger promotes "climate change" which used to be called "global warming" until enough scientists rudely pointed out that the earth is experiencing global cooling, not warming and that the sun, in particular sunspots, has a much larger impact on climate than a few Canadians and Americans using toxic light bulbs and reducing their urge to travel among other strategies to consume less energy.

Climate change is proving to be a hoax, like the swine flu "epidemic", and is being used as a poor excuse to introduce more taxes on an already over-taxed population.

Never mind the very real possibility of both Canada and the U.S. having to give up sovereignty to the U.N.

Carbon credits are just another form of Wall Street profit-making on intangible assets for the likes of Al Gore, who has been proven to be a liar extraordinaire as he plays his role as front-man for the globalists.

David Suzuki has been an icon in Canada for too long and I think it's about time that his revered status be given closer scrutiny. Suzuki is a eugenicist at heart and the fact that his website is promoting those god-awful light bulbs that are a health risk, never-mind a horrible addition to landfills everywhere, speaks volumes.

So, those who promote global climate change (what else does climate do but change?) are suspicious at best because I smell "hidden agenda" behind them.


Some people are still not persuaded that climate change poses a direct threat to their way of life and do not mind if future generations pay a heavy price.

Prof. Tom Malone of MIT suggests that if we could better identify with future generations who will be far more affected by climate change than we are, then we might be compelled to make more responsible decisions.

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