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August 12, 2009

Privacy policy plus

Loretta M.

Dear Editorial Board,

I eagerly anticipate being a subscriber to The Canadian Charger.  

Unfortunately, I will not be able to subscribe until I find your privacy policy and terms of use. 

I can't find any policy posted on your site that would tell me if you plan to sell my email address to other organizations or advertisers - therefore, I cannot sign up for the newsletter, and I do not give you permission to use my email address for any purpose other than replying to this specific email.

I would also like to suggest a slight amount of additional editorial consideration be given to the following anecdote about my reaction to my first view of your publication.

While there are many interesting international articles, there are also two articles particular to Ontario alone.  No other province and no city other than Toronto is mentioned on your main page.  This caused my instinctive "Westerner radar" to go off and look for other signs that your publication is Toronto-centric and therefore...

An article on Alberta's slow creeping underhanded privatization of health care (a stinkweed by any other name still stinks) would be welcome, and could join the Ontario Health Care article under a heading of "Health Care in Canada's Provinces"...

"Provincial Politics" could be another heading for "The New Ontario Harris..." article. 

If separate headings are not the style you plan to take, please request articles that will balance out the Ontario- centric look and feel.  Thanks for your consideration!!

Loretta M.

Calgary, Alberta

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