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June 3, 2010

Vote out Harper and boycott American cars

The Canadian Charger

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Canadians protesting Israel's savage piracy against civilian ships off the coast of Gaza must also protest those Canadian and American politicians who refused to condemn this aggression strongly. This includes voting out the Harper government.

The prime minister’s silence during Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to Canada Monday and his argument that Israel’s troops acted in self-defense is shameful.

There are more anti-Zionist Canadian voters than pro-Zionist ones, so Canadians who care about international peace are certainly able to vote Harper out in the next federal election.

Even though Canadians cannot vote in American elections, they can make their feelings known by ensuring that the next car they buy is not made in America.

If enough Canadians do this, the ailing American industry that manufactures and supplies military hardware to Israel at the expense of American taxpayers may have to have a talk with the White House and Congress.

Voter power is the only language all politicians understand.

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