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  • Alt text goes here Is the US serious about destroying IS?

    The Islamic State (IS), ISIS, ISIL, or under any other name, is a vicious, genocidal terrorist organization cum government. It slaughters people who are not of its distorted religious persuasion, except occasionally when it imposes heavy taxes on them. It kills captured soldiers. It beheads innocent hostages. It abducts women and children. Altogether they are a nasty bunch. Yet they have been gathering recruits from around the Muslim world and even from the West.

  • Alt text goes here Quebec's place in Canada

    Canada's founding fathers gave Ottawa a gift by making it Canada's capital. "Would it not be appropriate for Ottawa to return the favor by becoming officially bilingual?" That was a question posed by Laval Political Science Professor Guy Laforest, speaking on Parliament Hill on October 9 in one of a series of talks sponsored by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.